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Programs for Early Childhood Education

Fun & Creativity for Kids

Art Program

Our art program encourages children's creativity and imagination through different art projects. Our experienced teachers provide a nurturing environment where children can express themselves and develop their fine motor skills.

Music Program

Our music program provides children with the opportunity to explore different musical instruments, rhythms, and melodies. Our teachers use music to promote children's language development, cognitive skills, and social-emotional development.

Movement Program

Our movement program helps children develop their gross motor skills, coordination, and balance. Children have fun while they learn different movements, such as jumping, running, and dancing.

Language Program

Our language program focuses on developing children's communication skills in English and Spanish. Our teachers use different activities to promote language development, such as storytelling, conversation, and singing.

Mathematics Program

Our mathematics program provides children with hands-on experiences to develop their math skills. Children learn to count, sort, classify, and problem-solve through different activities and games.

Outside Play

Our outdoor play program provides children with the opportunity to explore nature, learn about their environment, and develop their physical skills. Children have fun while they engage in different activities, such as gardening, exploring, and playing games.

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